Lyrics as interior design?

A fish tank-style speaker that displays songs on its translucent body.

lyric speaker

Asia, as you know, has a soft spot for karaoke. So it makes sense that a company out of Tokyo, Japan, called Six Inc., has created a speaker that takes the basic premise of karaoke and uses it as the foundation for a new furniture piece for the home. The company’s Lyric Speaker is being featured at SXSW, showcasing how the stereo can display song lyrics onto its translucent, watery screen. What’s more, you could theoretically learn a new language using the speakers, as it translates songs, sung in a foreign language, into your mother tongue. But what’s probably most appealing for karaoke fans is never needing to arrange a Friday night sing-along with friends: you can do it in your lounge, all day and week long (despite your neighbour’s objections).