Mashable’s first “feline tech correspondent”

Morris the Cat (of 9Lives) has all the news you want at SXSW.


This cat is, in it’s own words, just “pawesome.” Morris the Cat (pet food brand 9Lives’ furry mascot) adorned Google Glasses simply to feed our human interest, and now, it’s taken on the role of Mashable’s first-ever “feline tech correspondent” — well, for SXSW that is. During the fest, the ginger tabby provided readers with a “cat’s eye view” of the latest technology and cultural trends, as seen from low on the ground.

Watch below for the teaser announcing his journey down south.

During his time at SXSW, the “celebricat” was filmed by the Mashable editorial team while interviewing others who have “broken the internet,” like Pete Cashmore, and helping to answer the question we’ve all been wondering: are cats popular because of the Internet or is the Internet popular because of cats? Check out his cat-verage here and here.