Simple housing that’s pure genius

Exo weighs 400 lbs, sleeps four and can be stored like coffee cups.

exoJust yesterday, we read in National Geographic that in 2013, an incredible 51 million people were forcibly displaced from their homes.

That stat puts everything in perspective, and is exactly why companies like Exo are working tirelessly to get innovative products that help these people (who could very well be you or me) off the ground. Exo, which is being showcased at SXSW, is a geniusly designed home that works much like your everyday Starbucks or Timmies coffee cup. It’s made of two parts: the “lid” or floor and the “cup” or dome. This design allows Exo to be picked up and stacked (for easy storage and transportation) just as you would with paper coffee cups. It houses up to four people displaced by natural disasters and civil unrest, is only 400 lbs (so can be lifted by only a few people) and even has climate control, digitally locked doors and costs only $6,000 to make (that’s $34,000 cheaper than a mobile home!). By far, one of the best product inventions we’ve seen in a while.