Hug your food

Dempster's adds a touch of cute to its tortillas.

Dempster’s started promoting its tortillas last summer with the “Hug Your Food” campaign, using a cheeky little jingle and some animated foodstuffs to give the brand a personal touch. This year, the company wanted to show just how many ways a person can incorporate the flat-yet-delicious pieces of bread into meals, so Dempster’s and Cundari created eight different cartoons on its YouTube hub that show the fun side to some simple recipes. They also challenged the animators at Bent Image Lab to do each animation in a slightly different style, while still getting across the feel-good idea that these tortillas let you hug your food. So yes, they are more adorable than commercials about breakfast burritos and Mediterranean chicken wraps have any right to be, but at least they each do it in their own unique way.


Brand: Dempster’s
Agency: Cundari
Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Simon
Group Creative Directors: Brian Murray, Sean Ganann
Art Director: Sean Ganann
Copywriter: Brian Murray
Producer: Tara Hall Cochrane
Account Team: Kristin Vektaris, Filipe Da Luz, Danielle Shedletzky
Animation Company: Bent Image Lab
Director: Solomon Burbridge
Music/Sound Design: Grayson Matthews