(Less than) social media

Psiphon shows how sites like Twitter are limited around the world.

Most of you reading this probably mostly use social media to share photos of cats/food/yourself or to discuss cats/food/yourself. But let’s not forget that these platforms have also been used to drive significant change, exposing corruption and organizing demonstrations and revolutions against oppressive governments. Sadly, not everyone is so able to use social media to stand up to the big guys. Toronto-based Psiphon creates apps and services that use the latest VPN and proxy tech specifically for people living in countries where the government has limited citizens’ access to social media and other websites. These ads for Psiphon, created by Toronto-based design and branding agency Rack & Pinion, aim to remind us how prevalent censoring the internet has become in other parts of the world, limiting people’s access to information and to each other.


Brand: Psiphon
Agency: Rack & Pinion Creative
Creative Director: Lenny Poplianski
Art Director: Dorota Pankowska
Copywriter: Adriano Marchese
Managing Director: Deryn Robson