The story behind the label

Canadian Fairtrade Network makes room to discuss child labour.

If you check out the label on the shirt you’re wearing right now, what does it say?┬áThe Canadian Fairtrade Network wants you to know that the little “Made in (insert developing nation here)” you find often involves the work of child living there. Rethink developed ads that give your clothes a little bit more room to paint a picture of just what (and who) is behind what you’re wearing right now. The aim is to convince you to think a bit harder about buying fair trade clothes. And when you’re dealing with something like this, no label is ever going to have enough room to tell the whole story.


Brand: Canadian Fairtrade Network
Agency: Rethink
Creative Directors: Iang Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Leia Rogers
Copywriters: Danielle Haythorne, Arrabelle Stravoff
Studio Artist: Jonathon Caesar
Photographer: Clinton Hussey
Print Producers: Cary Emley, Sue Wilkinson
Account Manager: Albane Rousellot