Dons of Tequila

Who wants a Jose Cuervo tequila drink named after them?
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If you like tequila enough to fight for it (and you’re not allergic to desert dust), then you could have a place in history by becoming a Don of Tequila, a 500 year old Mexican town where Jose Cuervo was born. The brand is working with Blinkink to scour the globe for the perfect person to become a noble dignitary and help continue its legacy. The chosen┬áDon will be given a crop of agave that he/she may use to blend into a unique tequila and have it labelled under their own name. To promote the hunt, Jose Cuervo has released three rather educational animated videos (below) that go into the history of the agave drink. And now we can teach people more than just how to drink tequila with lemon and salt (you’d be surprised how many people still get it wrong).


Brand: Jose Cuervo
Agency: Blinkink