Burger Dock

South St. has a device that lets you eat and tweet at the same time.

the burger dock_lowres (1)Stomach, why do you always get in the way of our busy lives? We have calls to make, people to instant message, photos of cats to scroll through and emails to read and ignore. But none of that is possible when you’re hands deep in a meal (sometimes we fantasize about living out a Michael Keaton Multiplicity day). Thank the gods for the Burger Dock. Invented by the creative brains over at South St. Burger Co., this tabletop gadget holds a a burger in place, and at a convenient level, so that all you have to do is stretch out your neck and bite down. Did we mention it also comes with a drink holder for easy sipping?

“A great deal of research went into the design of the Burger Dock. No two people approach a burger the same way, so it was important that it swivel, adapt and respond to each bite and a variety of different eating styles,” says Alyssa Berenstein, marketing director at the QSR. Let the eating and (no error) tweeting begin!


Brand: South St. Burger Co