3MillionDogs releases a fragrance only a dog could love.

This new fragrance smells like crap, but that’s okay. As this blog post from 3MillionDogs explains, poo-scented perfume Fetch by Fetch is the perfect one for the dog in your life to feel reinvigorated, due to its highly sensitive nose. The ad for the new perfume, developed in-house by 3MillionDogs founder Geoffrey Roche, features all the high-brow elements you’ve come to expect from fragrance spots. Black and white film of a beach. A breathy voiceover telling you to release your inner bitch. Chasing a ball into the water. Fetch by Fetch, which will surely be the next big thing for you pet pamperers out there, is exclusively available on 3MillionDogs’ e-commerce hub GoodDogDeals. And you can feel good about its people-sized price tag knowing that, like every purchase on the site, 5% of proceeds go to a local pet shelter.

Brand: 3MillionDogs/GoodDogDeals
Creative Director & Writer: Geoffrey Roche
Editor: Lauren Piche
Editorial Company: School Editing
Sound Design: RMW