Bring on summer and the Yes! Project

Toronto designer Leilanni Todd puts art on your bod.
bathing suit cropped

This post is all about bathing suits, which can only mean one thing: we’re in the home stretch and summer is almost here [insert overly-enthusiastic yelp here]. So what do we do at the first sign of summer? We go shopping, of course, which brings us to Leilanni Todd and her pretty inspiring Yes! Project. The Toronto designer has joined creative forces with emerging international artists to create some eye candy for this swim season. The different swimsuits are made-to-order in Canada and she uses a special environmentally-friendly technique that forgoes water in the dyeing process. Our favourites include the nipular one-piece by Chicago illustrator Clay Hickson. We quite like the “Northern-California-New-Age-Hippy aesthetic” he’s got going on.