Say goodbye to clunky grills

The GoBQ Grill is smaller than some purses.
Grill 1

We’ve seen enough coal on white jeans and lighter fluid on skin to know that the smaller a portable BBQ is, the better the chances of a clutz (like us) not dropping and spilling its contents everywhere. That’s why we’re giving the tiny GoBQ Grill two thumbs up, mostly because we now have two free hands to do so, thanks to the handy strap that allows a person to travel with it on their back. The team behind the grill is currently looking for funds on Indiegogo so they can start delivering their invention to the masses right when they need it (mid-summer, of course). It’s lightweight, compact, can be set up in 20 seconds flat, has high tech flame/heat resistant fabric and folds up to be just as small as any beach bag/yoga mat/camping chair.