The lawnmower of the future

Viking lets robots handle the yardwork, wherever you are.


Regular¬†Stim readers will know we kind of have a thing for robots. That’s because, besides being super cool, they make our lives easier. And while we might associate yard work with the weekend chores we had to help our dad with than the exciting future, we have to admit the idea of a robot handling that for us is pretty appealing. That’s the idea demonstrated in these print ads by French agency¬†Altmann + Pacreau for Viking’s new iMow programmable lawn mower: it doesn’t matter where you are, it’ll be just like you were at home taking care of the grass.



Brand: Viking
Agency: Altmann + Pacreau
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Copywriter : Simon Ohayon
Artistic Director : Joachim Lesne
Agency Management : Edouard Pacreau, Thomas Vigneron
Production : Christophe Huet, Asile Production