The return of Body Break

TurboTax goes after millennials with some trusted spokespeople.

We’re not usually one to engage in “only 90s kids will remember this” posts, but please indulge us for a moment. For an all-too brief period in the early 90s, commercial breaks would be interrupted by a familiar, synth-heavy theme and chorus that seemed just slightly louder than whatever commercial preceded it, and announcing the arrival of Body Break. The 90-second PSAs, staring Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod, gave viewers tips and advice for living the healthiest lifestyle they can. For this tax season, TurboTax and Edelman has enlisted Johnson (who looks way different without a mustache, btw) and McLeod, putting them in a series of videos (complete with the original theme!) dubbed Tax Break. The spot start off as exercise advice, but then transition into tips for doing your taxes. They’re using two people who spent years building goodwill among a millennials (who now have to deal with grown-up stuff like taxes). And we all know that when it comes to reaching those millennials, nostalgia almost always works (just ask BuzzFeed).


Brand: Intuit Canada/TurboTax Canada
Agency: Edelman
Creative director: Greg Bolton
Director, creative production: Camielle Clark
Editor: Evan Davis
Writers: Scott Tavener, Kimberley Gillis
Account team: Daina Astwood-George, Devon Burke, Jacquelyn Humphrey, Alexa Macdonald, Erin Meagher, Michael Thomson
Production house: Clark Stanley
Director: Adam Massey
Executive/line producer: Tim Corrigan
D.O.P.: Jason George