Reading and motivating minds

Nike knows what you're thinking, and says you can do it.
Nike 1

Despite the images we might be used to seeing in magazines, commercials and on the Instagram feeds of our health-obsessed friends, working out sometimes stinks. But Nike has realized this and wants women to know it knows how you feel, but that it’s worth putting up with in the end. The video, produced by Wieden + Kennedy, is part of a broader campaign by Nike, aiming to reach women in a series of spots that will focus on each of the people in “Inner Thoughts.” All of the videos manage to be slightly tongue-in-cheek about the realities of pursuing physical fitness, while still celebrating the confidence needed to reach one’s goals. The idea is any woman pursuing an active lifestyle should be encouraged in her efforts, even if she still has some work to do to reach the standard they might be holding themselves to.


Brand: Nike
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Director: Matthew Frost
Editor: Angus Wall

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