A thought-controlled plane

S7 lets you pilot a flight to your dream locale...with your brain.

If you have one place in the world that you want to see more than any other, chances are you’ve visualized every aspect of what that trip would be like, including exactly how you would get there. Well, some lucky Russian shoppers had a chance to turn those images into a reality. Last week at a mall in Moscow, Russian airline S7 and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam set up a special game installation, developed by tech company Tellart, that hooked players up to bio sensors that measured their EEG brain patterns (that sounds like something pulled from an old sci-fi movie but we swear it’s real). By having a clear image of the dream destination in their minds, players used their brains to guide an airplane to any place in the world, and those that were able to do so along the best flight path won a ticket there. We don’t mean to be all “if you imagine it, anything can happen” about this, but technology seems to be doing that for us.


Brands: S7 Airlines
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Chief Marketing Officer: Tatiana Fileva
Marketing Communications Director: Eleonora Romanova
Brand Manager: Alexandra Komarova
Assistant Brand Manager: Irina Zvereva
R&D Director: Alexandra Gribkova
PR Director: Irina Kolesnikova
Head of Media Group: Natalya Kozlova
Loyalty Marketing Manager: Elena Elsukova
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
Creative Directors: Daniel Schaefer & Szymon Rose
Art Director: Vasco Vicente
Copywriter: Evgeny Primachenko
Head of Content: Joe Togneri
Head of Interactive Production: Kelsie Van Deman
Broadcast Producer: Judd Caraway
Planner: Nick Docherty
Group Account Director: Kirk Johnsen
Account Director: Nick Campion
Account Executive: Yulia Prokhorova
Head of Studio: Jackie Barbour
Creative Technologist: Kees Plattel
Studio Artist: Noa Redero
Project Manager: Stacey Prudden
Business Affairs: Kacey Kelley
Experience Design & Production: Tellart
Executive Creative Director: Matt Cottam
Creative Director: Paul Skinner
Art Director: Ivor Williams
Producer: Charlie Ledbetter
Design Lead: Christian Ervin
Senior Designer: Zaza Zuilhof
Senior Technologist: Pierluigi Dalla Rosa, Kuan-Ju Wu
Producer: Pavel Ananich (Operator)
Agency Producer: Judd Caraway (W+K)
Director: John Filipe (W+K)
Editing: John Filipe, Robin Pijpers (W+K)
Production Company: Wave Studios
Sound Editing: Alex Nicholls-Lee, Juan Pablo Thummler
Sound Design and Mix: Alex Nicholls-Lee, Randall Macdonald