Fast and furious editing

Pixels of Fury puts video editors under the wire.
Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.12.34 AM

Pixels of Fury is a design competition sponsored by Shutterstock that has seen creatives from all industries produce things ranging from posters for non-profits to labels for new beer brands, all of which is done live in front of a crowd that will vote on the eventual winner. This year, however, the competition is all about video editing, with competitors creating a spot promotion a fake company, using only footage available from Shutterstock and voiceover.

This year’s series kicked off in Toronto on April 9 and saw four editors (School Editing’s Lauren Horn, Innocean Worldwide Canada’s Jonathan Kirshenbaum, Stornoway Communications’ Kevin McDonald and freelancer Michael Ofori-Attah) come up with a video for a dating service specifically for astronauts. Seasoned as our pros may be, they also had to put up with “curveballs” being thrown at them in the form of extra things they had to include in their spots. Check out what our brave editors came up with below, including the winning spot from Horn, and keep an eye out for when Pixels of Fury makes a stop in a city near you.