Never lose eye contact

Do you miss your loved one's face? Then get them a Texting Hat.
Texting Hat

Without a doubt, we will always complain when a friend buries their head in their phone while we’re talking to them. And without a doubt, we will always get caught burying our heads in our phones when our friends are talking to us. It’s how we’ve evolved. We can’t help our addictions. We. Just. Need. To. Look. Luckily, and we say this with much enthusiasm, director Brad Hasse and his creative colleagues¬†have created the “Texting Hat“¬†— the “latest in multitasking fashionable wear, bringing eye contact into the 21st century.” Basically, it’s just a cut out of your face stuck on a hat. Or is it? This thing could be a saving grace for anyone who’s tired of being scolded for not putting in enough face time. Because, really, most people like to hear their own voices, they just need a target to direct their conversation at.