Stay ahead of the Sickweather

This app lets you know when there's a contagious illness nearby.

screen shot 2015-04-21 at 8.35.53 amDescribed as a “Doppler radar for sickness” and promising to detect contagious illness within close proximity to its user, this app is one you wish was invented a long time ago (well, this cold-recovering Stim writer sure does after a week of hacking coughs). Sickweather first started as a mobile app, but, in keeping with the times, it recently created its own app on the much-talked about Apple Watch. Some of its features are pretty nifty. Not only does it analyze contagious illnesses from more than 2 million reports on social media, the Sickweather community and its partner apps, but it also has a “SickScore” – when high, the phone alerts users to begin the hand-washing ritual and even includes a 20 second timer (the amount of time it takes to actually kill those pesky germs). We almost feel like we’re close to cheating death entirely with the rate of technological developments these days. No, not quite yet? Ok, we’ll settle for living well into our 100s then.