Ads for the blind

Accessible Media creates a descriptive, inclusive print campaign.

Accessible Media is a TV channel for the blind that uses descriptive video in all its programming, but since traditional advertising methods haven’t exactly been the most inclusive to those without sight, it needed to find a different way to get the word out to the people who needed it most. So TBWA\Toronto created a series of print ads featuring some of the most iconic images ever taken: Jimi Hendrix and his flaming guitar, Bobby Orr soaring through the air and one of Richard Pryor’s most famous performances. But instead of using the photos themselves, the ads take a cue from the channel and use descriptive text to describe every element of what a visual version of the ad may have looked like, from the photos to the headline to AMI’s logo, encouraging the friends and loved ones of the blind to read the ad out loud to them.


Brand: Accessible Media Inc.
Agency: TBWA\Toronto
Executive Creative Director: Allen Oke
Creative Directors: Rodger Eyre, Gerald Kugler
Art Director: Guilherme Bermejo
Copywriter: Nick Doerr
Designer: Kelly Sturino
Typographer: George Lai
Retoucher: Len Dang
Account Director: Helen Winfield
Editor: David Quach