Never leave home without it

A hiker-friendly version of Kathy and Craig Copeland's guidebook.

As someone who regularly gets lost on the path between the bedroom and the kitchen, this Stim writer is somewhat intimidated by the idea of traversing the trails of the Canadian Rockies. But apparently some of you adventure-seekers are confident enough to leave your guide books at home, even when it’s as detailed as Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies, a book by founders Kathy and Craig Copeland. Maybe it’s understandable: between its detailed guides, maps and photographs, the book weighs in at an impressive 677 pages, so you might want to lighten the load on your back.

Don’t worry, Subplot is one step ahead of you on the trail. For the book’s seventh edition, the design firm divided it into several sections, all collected in a heavy-duty yet easy-to-carry case. The first is dubbed Opinion, featuring most of the photos and trail descriptions that you can use to plan your hike. Then, leave it at home or in your car and bring one of the nine Fact guidebooks that applies to the area you’re tackling. That means you can know exactly where you are going, all in a package that is lighter than the full guidebook or even a tablet. And, unlike the tablet, it won’t break if you drop it, making it perfect for the less experienced, more clumsy hikers out there.

Brand:, Kathy & Craig Copeland
Design Firm: Subplot Design Inc.
Creative Director: Matthew Clark
Designer:  Matthew Clark
Writer: Craig Copeland
Illustrator:  Matthew Clark
Photographer: Kathy Copeland
Production Artist: C.J. Poznansky
Printer: Asia Pacific Offset
Case Manufacturer: Royal Case Company