Small scale, big impact

Ant-sized ads for Marvel's upcoming summer blockbuster.

If you were to take a walk in the downtown of any city, chances are you are going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron somewhere, be it on a billboard, at a transit shelter or on the side of a bus. But Marvel is releasing another movie this summer, and, as some folks in this Reddit thread have discovered, the studio is taking the exact opposite approach to the scale (so to speak) at which it’s promoting the film.

If you’re reading this outside somewhere in Australia right now, look down. Way down. Right to your feet. To promote Ant-Man, the studio has created teeny-tiny, ant-sized replicas of billboards and transit ads. The idea is similar to the ant-sized trailers and posters the studio has released globally to tease fans, but seeing the concept in person is already generating a fair bit of word-of-mouth attention (and maybe it’ll make people think twice before they mock the idea of an Ant-Man movie again).


Brand: Marvel Studios (Ant-Man)