You got it booking right heroes make the best booking decisions.

Come on, be a booking hero and get the booking right hotel for the booking right price (you owe it to your booking self). If you’re wondering why we can’t stop saying the word “booking,” it’s because we’ve been watching too many bloody booking ads. As will you, if you decide to press play on the hotel site’s series of new spots (by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam) celebrating the “Booking Hero.” In one, we see a man not yet ready to leave an island retreat (and perhaps needing to check himself into a psych ward instead of a hotel), and in another we watch a couple of kids surrender their mobile devices for good old-fashioned ways of keeping themselves entertained (think using their hands to do this thing we used to call “playing outside”).


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Chief Marketing Officer: Paul Hennessy
Head of Brand: Manuel Douchez
Global Brand Communications Director: Andrew Smith
Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
Creative Director: Genevieve Hoey & Sean Condon
Art Director: Victor Monclus
Interactive Art Director: Mathieu Garnier
Copywriters: Will Lowe, Scott Smith