Feast your eyes on this

A Japanese restaurant made of (you guessed it) recycled LAN cables.
Cool Bar1

Eating out is 50% food and 50% ambiance (in our opinion). Look at any new, hip resto in Toronto: usually, the hot spots are decked out to the nines and have a unique charm about them that draws the crowds (case in point here, here and here). But this new Japan joint takes the cake. It’s wholly made of recycled items, with the most used (and obvious) material being LAN cables. Designed and built by Kengo Kuma and Associates, the restaurant is located in a Tokyo suburb, down a bystreet that has a post-World War II-era smell and feel to it with its surrounding black market stalls. Inside, the dining spot looks like shaggy, wooly beast. It’s by far the most disturbing place we’ve ever desperately wanted to visit.