Bad intentions

Monster Factory gives your kid a co-conspirator.

Children are agents of chaos and destruction, serving no master besides their own desire for entertainment and satisfaction. They let no standards of personal property, decorum or decency stand in their way. They will not rest until they are satisfied. But are they monsters? No, but they are friends with them. These new spots for Toronto-based toy manufacturer Monster Factory, produced by Havas Worldwide Canada, show that as adorable and cuddly as their creations might be, they are also a great way to expand your child’s imagination (for better or worse).


Brand: Monster Factory
Agency: Havas Worldwide Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Helen Pak
Copywriter: Bill Schaefer
Agency Producer: Francesca Marchese
Assistant Producer: Hannah DeCelles
Director: Pete Henderson / Someplace Nice
Executive Producers: Chilo Fletcher, Estelle Weir
Director of Photography: Brett Van Dyke
Production Designer: Nancy Machel / Someplace Nice
Line Producer: Robbie MacNamara
Production Manager: Derek Modesto
Executive Producer: Stephanie Hickman / Saints Editorial
Editor: Melanie Hider
Assistant Editor: Stefan Manz
Colourist: Eric Whipp / Alter Ego
Assistant Colourist: Alanna Humphreys
Executive Producer: Cathy Jefferies / Topix FX
VFX Supervisor/Finishing Artist: Rob Del Ciancio
Animation Director: Steve McArdle
Sound Director: Tom Eymundson / Pirate Toronto
Sound Engineer: Ian Boddy