Made in Italy?

The Italian Trade Commission pulls back the curtain on impostors.

Sometimes this Stim writer forgets that not everyone has a lovely Italian nonna to educate them on exactly what products go into making the best Italian meals. It looks like that’s something the rest of you might need: even though Canada is one of the biggest importers of food from Italy, $3.6 billion is still spent on “Italian-sounding” impostor products every year. So the Italian Trade Commission commissioned Sid Lee on a campaign, led by this video, to let Canadians know that no matter how many rustic countrysides, charming kitchens and fake grandmothers (those fiends) a company puts in their spot, without that “Made in Italy” seal, it’s just not the same.


Brand: Italian Trade Commission
Agency: Sid Lee
Creative Directors: Jeff DaSilva, Tom Koukodimos
Art Director: Oliver Brooks
Copywriter: Mike Richardson
Director: Aleysa Young
Colour: Alter Ego
Audio: Pirate