A little courage is all you need

This couple quit the agency life to take a travel sabbatical.
how far have we come

Stefan Sagmeister convinced a couple of creatives to bid adieu to the 9 to 5 world, the pressures of settling down and living a life of monotony to travel the world for exactly 365 days. Hey, if Sagmeister can close his entire studio for a year, a couple can easily disappear (and most probably come out with a job, based on the way they’re promoting their travels). The South African duo, with a combined 15 years experience in the industry, were approached by Up by Jawbone (among other brands) to use the product in their travels. Using the fitness band, their daily goal is to complete and track 1,000 steps and 8 hours of sleep every day. Two hours of their day is also spent working on creative writing, videos and illustrations, which can be found on their blog, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Vine┬ápages. And it must be contagious. We too have couple friends who recently jointly quit their jobs to travel South America for a year. To say we’re ecstatic about it becoming a thing is an understatement.

Via AdWeek

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