Are you sure you know what’s in that?

Applegate calls out brands that use "natural" marketing gimmicks.

Just the other day, this Stim writer spent 10 minutes staring at eggs. I kid you not. The words free-range, free-run, farmer-owned, grain-fed, nest-laid, organic (and other descriptors that escape me now) made my casual grocery shop a hellish experience. It took 10 minutes to decide what to go home with and, in the end, the decision was made based on which one had the most amount of “good for you” sounding captions.

If I’ve been there, it’s likely you have too. But Applegate, and its agency Taxi in New York, is hoping to make it easier on us, claiming that it doesn’t use marketing gimmicks and buzzwords to show that its meat is made naturally, with a couple spots that make us laugh (and sort of cringe). In them, the brand asks “What’s in your sandwich?” as an overly-muscular man dressed in a form fitting cow costume (his name is, naturally, Mooscles) talks to shoppers about another brand’s “natural” products. But we can assure you, there’s nothing natural about the way muscle-mania got his meat.


Brand: Applegate
Agency: Taxi NY