Beating our common enemies

Nike adds some local flavour to its new push.

Exercise is usually a very solitary activity (we’re talking to you, people who insist on giving out unsolicited advice at the gym), but it’s also nice to see things that bring a city’s fitness enthusiasts together. In a local version of its new global Better For It platform, Nike, with help from the Toronto office of Lg2, has posted some similarly cheeky creative around the city, referencing everything from transit woes to the constant fear of meeting a Doberman-sized raccoon. There’s also some clever-yet-simple tech involved, like one that changes based on the time of day, or a motorized mannequin doing chin-ups inside a window next to the ad showing how hard everyone else is working out. And just like the global push, the boards are being targeted at women, but there is definitely a universal appeal any time you speak to a city’s common denominators, even if those happen to be their civic gripes.


Brand: Nike Canada
Agency: Lg2, Toronto
Creative Directors: Chris Hirsch/Nellie Kim
Art Director: Spencer Dingle
Writer: Jordan Hamer, Stuart McMillan
Account Director: Krista Cressman
Head of Production: Johanne Pelland
Print Producer: Frederic Graf
Production Company: 1one productions (chin-up)
Media: Jungle, Astral, Cieslok


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