Introducing Justin Timberlime

Could the pop star's Sauza 901 be the reason for the lime decline?

Justin Timberlake first launched his tequila, 901, in 2009 and partnered with Sauza last year to rebrand, which resulted in this parody documentary the pop star apparently came up with himself. Barely recognizable as man-sized lime person Rick “Sour” Vane, Timerblake gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how limes, which surged in popularity alongside tequila, are down on their luck and have become shadows of their former selves now that the super-smooth Sauza 901 is on the market. But not one to ruffle any feathers, Timberlake has also released a corporate video “distancing” his brand from the producers of the “documentary,” listing off plenty of things limes are still good for (tacos, guacamole, pencil holders, but never tequila).


Brand: Sauza 901