Please spam responsibly

Three Mobile asks the public to brag safely with pics of their holiday.
three mobile

Over the weekend, we suffered from the social spam of hot moms from back in the day. If anything, it helped prepare us for what’s to come, the most annoying and incessant social media posts of all: holiday spam.

You know what we’re talking about, right? As it heats up and people pretend they have no jobs or responsibilities, they turn to the public to validate their lives with selfies, dramatic beach sunrises, tanning fails, synchronised jumping and monument photobombing (admittedly, we too have needed the public’s support when on vacation). But one mobile telco in the U.K. is not going to watch from the sidelines as people get sucked into the pandemic. Three Mobile has released a playful public service announcement, asking that customers please spam responsibility for the benefit of humanity. And while the aforementioned social behaviour warrants a warning, there’s another trend it called out last year (video below) that beats them all. It’s called “hot dog legs” and it needs to stop.


Brand: Three Mobile
Production agency: Blinkink
Director: Chris Bristow
Photographer: Emily Stein
Voiceover: Michael Buerk