RE:flex arrives with some special ink

Louis Fishauf gets into heavy metal by printing with it.

We’re in awe with a magazine that reared its head at the offices of Stimulant the other day. It’s made of paper (as expected), but the ink that’s printed on its pages isn’t one we’ve seen before. The RE:flex publisher, Toronto printing company Colour Innovations, used its proprietary CIX MetalFX print technology to bring the illustrations of Canadian design icon Louis Fishauf to life. If we’re not drooling over the printing, we’re trying to escape the mesmerizing drawings that the art director of¬†Saturday Night and Toronto Life¬†has put together for the inaugural issue of the magazine. The pub is meant to showcase inspiring work from artists, designers and photographers, and we’re already pining for the next issue (too bad we’re going to have to wait another year).