All your toys are dead

Duracell begs you to keep your playthings alive.

Well, this is dark. In the U.K., Duracell has launched some ads (by Grey London) that show what happens if you don’t give your beloved toys the source of energy they deserve. Yes, the concept is pretty straightforward, but can we take a moment and ask why they had to do that to Hello Kitty? That is just terrifying and depressing and makes us feel like our beloved playthings have a bone to pick (excuse the pun) with us for repaying the years of joy they provided with inferior batteries. If the idea was to scare parents into never, ever having their kids learn about the Kitty Reaper, then message received loud and clear.


Brand: Duracell
Agency: Grey London
Executive Creative Directors: Nils Leonard, Dave Monk, Vicki Maguire
Creative Directors: Gary McNulty, Paul Moran
Creatives: Mike Kennedy, Pauline Ashford
Account Team: Philippa Baldwin, Sophie Morgan, Jessica Hockey, Fran Goring
Creative Producers: Rhys Chapman, Sam Morton
Planners: Matt Gladstone, Matt Buttrick
Media Agency: SMV
Production Company: George Grace Presents
Illustrator (3D): Alan Murray
Designer: Ryan Shellard