Canvassing for non-ironic support

Kickstopper promotes some (actually) worthy causes.

If you live in a major city, chances are you’ve been asked to “stop and chat” by the well-meaning street canvassers looking to get you to donate to a particular charity. And, as much as some of you might try to avoid them, they usually manage to get the word out and the job done. So Cundari gathered a few of them to help out with Kickstopper, albeit with a slight twist. Kickstopper is a crowdfunding platform launched last month by Cundari that exclusively serves small- to mid-sized charities and non-profits looking to get a financial foothold for the work they do. Instead of talking about a particular cause or non-profit, Cundari enlisted its canvassers to tell people on the streets of Toronto about projects like an all-pug version of Shakespeare or launching a Tardis into space (created by people on other crowdfunding sites in what we assume to be severe lapses of judgement). Maybe this will get the word out that the most adorable or pop-culture-relevant idea isn’t always the one that really deserves the most help.


Brand: Kickstopper
Agency: Cundari
Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Simon
Group Creative Directors: Brian Murray, Sean Ganann
Art Director: Sean Ganaan
Copywriter: Brian Murray
Agency Producer: Megan Waychison
Sound: Apollo Studios Toronto
Video Production: Loop Media

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