Sight-seeing and calorie-burning

Adidas adds some local flavour to get you to run more.

For couch potatoes like this Stim writer, the worst thing about getting out and going for a run is not the hard work it takes, but the monotony of it all. Maybe this is my millennial attention span talking, but after a few minutes of running I realize I’d much rather be at home watching TV. To combat this, Tribal Worldwide Canada has helped Adidas create the Run More website. It’s a hub where you can see some of the creative that will be part of the campaign, but also specially-created routes for people in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary that are meant to make their run as interesting as possible —┬átaking them past the sights and hidden gems they might not know about. The site also features specially-curated Spotify playlists that compliment the environment the brand is guiding runners through, which is good, because I rarely have the motivation to find those spots on my own anyway.


Brand: Adidas
Agency: Tribal Worldwide Canada

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