A condo building that doesn’t suck

East United Condos looks to save its neighbourhood.

Condominiums. Harbingers of gentrification. Stuffy fortresses for the middle class. Distributors of stylish t-shirts.

East United Condos worked with agency Blackjet on a series of posters and t-shirts that look to dispel many of the pre-conceived notions people have about the developments. Located near the corner of King and Berkeley in a historic neighbourhood of Toronto, the building maintains the historic brick facade of the old Cristie, Brown & Co. stables and looks to celebrate the area’s history, foster a sense of community pride and support the area’s businesses. Besides communicating that in posters, the t-shirts all feature slogans that profess love for the things like craft beer, urban biking and organic eating.¬†Anyone that registers their interest in one of the condos receives a free t-shirt with one of five slogans on it.¬†Those same shirts were also pinned to posters in the neighborhood and, on the chance the shirts were stolen (they were totally stolen), they revealed a new message underneath encouraging people to get their own shirt by registering.


Brand: East United Condos
Agency: Blackjet

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