Time to grow up

The kids from the '90s Sunny D spot are still rolling through life today.

When you think of Sunny Delight, chances are most of you also think of its commercial from the ’90s. A gang of the raddest teens in the burbs take a break from rollerblading to raid the fridge, knocking aside a selection of decidedly un-wicked drinks to get to the Sunny D. But life is about more than shredding, and sometimes the most radical thing someone can do is grow up. Colorado-based agency Grenadier imagined what those kids in the now-classic spot look like today, and how sick of their crap their moms must be. Also, to those of you obsessed with ’90s nostalgia: this is what you look like to the rest of us.

Brand: Sunny Delight
Agency: Grenadier
CD/Writers: Wade Paschall, Mark St. Amant
CD/Art Director: Randy Rogers
ACD/Art Director: Grant Minnis
Executive Producer:  Keith Dezen
Production Company:  Community Films
Director: Clay Williams
Executive Producer: Lizzy Schwartz
Producer:  Helen Hollien
Line Producer: Helen Hollien
D.O.P.: Guyla Pados
Editing: HutchCo Technologies
Editor: Jim Hutchins
Music: JSM Music
Mix/Sound Design: Lime Studios
Engineer: Loren Silber
Visual Effects: Brickyard VFX
Visual Effect Editor: Patrick Polian
Visual Effect Producer: Linda Jackson
Account Service Lead: Becky Herman
AS Supervisor:  Ryan Smith
Planner:  Elisa Cantero
Account Lead:  Rob Hofferman