Opening up the home and restobar

Let's vote for more hangouts that forgo windows.

people's eatery

So this Stim writer was pulling her hair out last weekend wondering why there are so few restaurants in Toronto that take after Montreal. Walking through the Quebec city’s streets last weekend, I counted about a dozen restos/pubs/bars with massive open windows that had no top nor bottom — just a wide gaping garage-door looking hole. Then, the second I got back to Toronto, this gem appeared. The People’s Eatery was opened by the same folks behind 416 Snack Bar and when the front window is fully retracted, while not exactly as gaping, it makes the place breezy as hell (and without the sun’s harmful rays).

garage door home

There are few others in the city with the same idea, yes, but we say there needs to be more. Because, look, even homeowners are catching on. This Mimico couple used a garage door as a front door. It opens up the home with a burst of natural light and gives cookie cutter sub-divisions a run for their money.