A heterophobic taxi driver

You read right. The tables have turned in Hailo's new spot.

Heterosexuals. Yuk.

Look at them, holding hands, kissing in public and tying the knot like they think they have the right to.

Some reading this might think we meant to write “homosexual.” And who can blame them? With the amount of homophobic slurs being thrown around (even in this day and age), it wouldn’t be a long-shot. That’s precisely why taxi hailing app Hailo and agency Guns or Knives in Dublin created this video, which shows a cab driver using similar complaints as the ones above to express his distaste for the “heterosexual” or, as he has un-lovingly dubbed them, “breeders.” It’s all fake, of course. The brand was offering free taxi rides this week for people to take to polling stations, where they could cast their vote in the Irish referendum for gay marriage. They probably anticipated a chatty cabby (as we’ve all experienced at least once), but probably with a little less to say about their sexual preferences. Not so great to be on the other side of the coin, huh?


Brand: Hailo
Agency: Guns or Knives