Meet locals before arriving in a new country

It's like Tinder hooked up with AirBnB and birthed a baby called Eo.
Eo 3

For some, going to the movies alone is the single most depressing thing you can do. For others, it’s thrilling and therapeutic. The same applies to travelling alone. Courageous lone soldiers on the road, with no one to answer to but themselves. Yes, it can be lonely, but that’s about to change. Meet Eo, an app (currently in Beta) created by travelling enthusiasts and buddies¬†Joseph Gatto, Joel Pinto, Sathish Bala, Jim Kiriakakis, Chris Vin and Patrice LaCroix that connects people abroad. The app is a pretty smart cookie. It’s able to connect a user with another just by matching their itineraries (You’re going to Cuba this weekend? Meet Jane, she’ll be there too.) as well as your travelling interests (You like to Scuba? What a coincidence, so does Jane).¬†Co-founder Vin describes it as if “Tinder hooked up with AirBnB and birthed a baby.” That’s one ugly, but thoroughly functional and useful baby.