Rival shops play ball

Be the next agency ping-pong champion at Sovereign State's tournie.

spin_sovereignstate_mCalling all ye professional and not-so-professional ping-pongers who just so happen to work an ad agency: there’s a tournament going down at SPiN in Toronto on Thursday June 18th. It’s being hosted by design consultancy Sovereign State, while its sister company State Goods will be launching its VERSUS Pan Am Games prints the same day (you’ll be welcome to a print if you participate). The best part? The proceeds ($200 per team) will go toward the Remix Project, which is a non-profit to helpĀ level the playing field for young people from disadvantaged, marginalized and underserved communities. Booze, battles and balls. It’s gonna be bloody fantastic.

The Rules:

1. Teams of two. One team reps each agency.
2. Games are played to 28 points.
3. You must win by a minimum of two points.
4. The serve must bounce on both side of the net before the openness can return it.
5. Teams alternate serves every tow points, unless the game reached deuce, in which case each team serves only once.

Via Glossy Inc.