Taxi’s own Etch A Sketch artist

Meet Sharon Yokoyama, a producer-cum-mechanical drawing pro.

We can barely colour in the lines, and we throw our toys out the cot when we can’t draw the perfect circle. And that’s just when we’re using any old crayon or pencil, so we can’t imagine the frustrations that would build if we were to do the same with an Etch A Sketch. That’s why we’re giving a round of applause to Sharon Yokoyama, a content producer at Taxi Toronto, who is making our mouths drop with her brilliant illustrations of places like High Park on the weekend and the cityscape as seen from the island (water ripples included). If you’ve ever tried your hand at the mechanical drawing toy, you’d know the most difficult thing is to draw curves. But that’s all we see in the most recent park portrait of people playing table tennis, hula-hooping and disc jockeying in the park. Now if she were to add Wally to the scene, that would just make our day.