You’ll want to paint every wall in your home…

...after watching (and touching) this video from Dulux.
Dulux 3

Dulux, you’ve outdone yourself this time.

We always love a colourful spot, but this one takes the literal cake. The paint brand, working with WireWax, produced an interactive video that features pretty much every colour in the rainbow. At first, it comes off a little dark and bizarre, with the actors staring you down while the camera walks through a nameless home painted in hues of pink, purple, blue, green, red and yellow (did we miss any?). But what’s really interesting is the tags in the spot that allow people to click and view decor ideas (borrowed from Pinterest, no less) that one can replicate (using Dulux paint, of course) in any given room. Almost everything in the spot that’s got a shade of colour is clickable, so don’t touch anything otherwise. Trust us, we already got scolded, as will you if you can’t help yourself.