Slow moving letterpress printing

Ad creatives (and husband and wife) set up shop.


What’s the secret to a happy marriage? In our opinion, it’s regularly doing something you both love, together. That’s what this couple, Joe Borges and Margot Cudmore (Borges a designer at The&Partnership and Cudmore a former account manager at Ogilvy, where they met), is doing with their letterpress company, Pomegranate. They combined their artistic skills and love for the way things used to be, and purchased not one, not two, but three printing presses to start their own business on the side. And they’re conscious of the environment, using products that have the lowest impact, never wasting resources by keeping samples, repurposing extra cut-off paper for other smaller items like tags and business cards and printing in very small runs. Like they say, couples who press print age-old cards together, stay together (or something like that).

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