The FA sent tickets into space…

...and a football fan's grandma later found them while walking her dog.
FA Cup tickets

Where’d you get your FA Cup Final tickets? From space, of course. Where else?

A teenage football fan got the best birthday present from his grandmother last week when she found the last pair of tickets for the final game of the season while taking her dog out to do his business. Three hours before, the Football Association let the tickets loose using a weather balloon that climbed to such incredible heights (8,839 metres to be precise)┬áthat footage of the tickets’ adventure showed the earth from above and in space. It took off at Wembley Stadium, with the team behind the stunt tracking the balloon’s every move and even communicating its GPS coordinates for fans who wanted to find the tickets when they finally made their way back to earth. Little did they know they were up against a curious old lady with a good set of eagle eyes.

Via Who Ate All The Pies