A mannequin’s journey for love

Le Slip builds an American following with a wild love story.

Le Slip Francais is a small, French underwear brand that has been eyeing international expansion. But how do you get Americans to help fund a $30,000 location in Los Angeles? By combining Kickstarter and a mannequin with a charming French accent, that’s how.

The brand, with help from BETC, launched a crowdfunding campaign for Leo, one of Le Slip’s mannequins, that met Sherry, the plastic love of his life, at Paris Fashion week. Once the fashion shows were over, she was tossed in the back of a truck and shipped back to L.A. It’s how all great love stories usually end, we know, but BETC set up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for Leo to trace his journey across U.S. as he attempts to keep his love alive. He went to dozens of cities, visited locals, attended events and met influencers, all with the goal of raising $30,000 so that Le Slip could open its L.A. storefront and Leo could have a permanent place to be with Sherry (although, considering the things he did during his journey, it’s amazing Sherry didn’t dump his sleazy plastic ass).


Brand: Le Slip Francais
Agency: BETC