Hunting people in the streets of Zurich

Mercedes-Benz turns the city into a real-life video game.

A stunt organized by Swiss agency Jeff Communications turned the streets of Zurich into the closest approximation of a real-life video game we’ve seen, with over 3,000 people as players.

A “hunter” took to the streets of Zurich in a┬áMercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake sports car, while the players tracked the car’s movements with a special app. If it got too close, their “health bar” began to deplete. When it reached zero, they were eliminated from the competition, but the app also allowed them to pick up virtual “health packs” to bring their health back up or locate safe houses (i.e. local businesses) where they could hide out until the coast was clear. Like the shells and banana peels in Mario Kart, they were also able to set virtual traps that depleted the health of other players that stumbled upon them. The last player remaining, who took nearly three hours to hunt down, was awarded his own version of the car for his skill and efforts, which is nicer than any “game over” screen we’ve ever seen.

Remember this one next time you start bragging about how disruptive your gamified campaign is.


Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: Jeff Communications