Uncontrollable dancing, jumping and screaming

Kids freak out after learning they've won a trip from Jean Coutu.

Some of the most popular viral videos of all time (that don’t involve cats or parody songs) feature kids¬†freaking out when they see what they’ve been given on their birthday or Christmas morning. In a 30-second video, Montreal’s Bob helped Quebec drug store chain Jean Coutu recreate that magic.

What you see here is kids reacting the way YouTube has led us to believe all kids do when they receive good news: in this case, how they react when they win a five-star vacation as part of a Jean Coutu contest. The 30-second spot compiles all the reactions, but there are also 15-second versions that focus on each particular child or set of siblings. You’ll love this if uncontrolled dancing, jumping and screaming is the kind of thing you find adorable (looking at the number of views on a video of a certain child getting his first Nintendo 64 leads us to believe many do).


Brand: Jean Coutu
Agency: Bob