Don’t text a driver while on the loo

Chevrolet puts toilet-goers on the road.
Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 9.35.16 PM

Admitting to texting on the loo is just not something you do (even though we’re almost 100% sure everyone with a phone has, at least once). So to see it being played out in a commercial, which is about texting and driving of all things, is surprising. Add to this a moving toilet on a wide empty road and we just can’t look away. The spots, by McCann Mexico City for Chevrolet, are meant to scold people who text their buddies when they know they’re driving (another thing all of us are a little guilty of doing, at least once). So let’s save each other from accidents on the road, as well as the mental picture of our loved ones, you know…


Agency:  McCann Mexico City
Brand: General Motors (Chevrolet)
Chief creative officer: Javi Carro
VP Creative Director: Jorge Aguilar
Creative director: Javier Echevarría / Joka Alquicira
Copywriter: Javier Echevarría
Art director: Pablo Motta / Ricardo Montes de Oca
Production team: Juan González / Rafael López
Production house: Antídote MP
Director: Edgardo Abon
Executive Production: Juan Aura / Mark Castro / Gabriela Goela
Musician: Héctor Ruiz /MCO Studios