Your own parking assistant

Fiat lends a hand with one of the most feared driving tasks.

No one is good at parallel parking. Even if you think you are, don’t try to tell us you don’t get at least a little nervous when you try to figure out how much space lies between the perfect park job and a fender bender. Sometimes we can swallow our pride and get a passenger to help us out, but what if you’re driving alone? Fiat and Leo Burnett’s office in Frankfurt recently came up with something to help you out.

Using a digital billboard equipped with motion sensors, everyone from a model to a security guard to small child help you out, using their hands to show how much space is left between you and the next vehicle. Once you finish, it gives you a message about how Fiat’s compact cars make parking sexy/cool/child’s play (depending on who was lending a hand). Although, we wonder how many people gave the car behind them a little bump to see how each of the helpers would react?


Brand: Fiat
Agency: Leo Burnett Frankfurt