Narcissism, social media and tiny things

Chris Buck has been photographing his mini-me all over town.

screen shot 2015-06-16 at 8.53.37 am
Please, for the love of whoever is up there, would the selfie-obsessed folks (you know who you are) please dial it back a notch? Except you, Chris Buck. You can take as many 3D-printed model selfies as your heart desires. You’ll see why we’re in the mood for this photographer’s Instagram pictures when you look at the images he’s been sharing on the site, which feature his tiny, plastic printed mug against real-world backdrops. His “Likeness” project, according to Wired, is a “playful look at narcissism, social media and the irresistibility of tiny things” and we can’t help but want to scroll through his feed over and over again, which we suppose makes us the obsessive ones now.